Cretaceous Park offers a visual punch and abundant information of what was Bolivia 68 million years ago, when most of the territory was at sea level and near water bodies They provided moisture, and significant plant and animal wealth . The concept is represented in summary form but information along the route. Accessed by a group of three ramps.

The first ramp of 3 sections, represents the time between the beginning of our planet (4,600 million years) and the end of the Paleozoic era, or primary (250 million years), which coincides with the Park entrance portal, whose arc right slide head large titanosaur (herbivore from South America) and left the Tyrannosaurus (carnivore of North American origin).

In the auditorium, we offer a brief explanation of the origin of life on our planet and the evolution of dinosaurs.

The next platform, 2 sections, which begins after the box office, offices and auditorium, represents the time of the Mesozoic Era, from the origin of dinosaurs (235 million years) until Cal Orck'o ago 68 million years, leading to the right, on the playground and to the left, the entrance to the sector of the dinosaurs. DINOSAURS WAKE OF A DREAM OF 68 MILLION YEARS

A mere 300 meters from the cliff of dinosaur footprints Orck'o Cal, stands the striking Cretaceous Park a unique resort that offers the chance to meet the stars of this paleontological heritage, one of the most authentic natural settings.

Browse Cretaceous Park is like going back to the beginning of time, its 5224 meters square explain one of the most interesting chapters of vertebrate evolution: the Cretaceous period in which dinosaurs ruled the earth.