In March 2003, thanks to an agreement signed between the Municipal Government of Sucre and FANCESA National Cement Factory, Swiss paleontologist Christian Meyer and his team of specialists visited Cal Orck'o with the objective of developing a conservation project of this paleontological site, in which study incorporate technical criteria for Cretaceous park construction.
Later that month, the Municipal Government of Sucre, the decision to realize the cherished dream chuquisaqueño forming a technical team that starts the process Cretaceous Park Project, in parallel to the study of conservation Swiss scientist developed.

As the project took shape, the municipal government initiated efforts to strengthen local partners and co-owners of FANCESA Prefecture Chuquisaca Department to structure account for 50% required by the financial institution, the Inter-American Development Bank.

Beginning in 2004, the Municipal Government had completed the final design development of the project, which was presented on 12 March 1098 Third Bank Public Tender Support Sustainable Tourism Development, implemented by the FONDESIF and after a rigorous evaluation was selected for funding in the category of demonstration projects, signing the Project Implementation Agreement Cretaceous Park June 16 that year.

Under a deal agreed between local partners, is delegated FANCESA project implementation. Compliments administrative procedures, on January 14, 2005, it begins the implementation of the infrastructure component. In October of the same year, after a complex selection process, a talented national team of sculptors, under the scientific direction of a paleontologist and five international paleoescultores takes up the challenge of building replicas of full scale dinosaur.

The project is implemented in the period of 18 months, a few meters from Cal Orck'o cliff, the imposing looms Cretaceous Park, boasting stunning and unique replicas of dinosaurs in their unusual habitat.